Couples Counseling

“Conflict is an opportunity to learn to love our partner better over time.”

– Julie Gottman –

– Do you feel disconnected from your partner or stuck in your relationship?

– Do you feel like you argue over little things?

– Have you thought about separating or ending the relationship?

You are not alone. There are many reasons why couples seek counseling. You have taken an important step in acknowledging that there are some issues in your relationship you want to address. Let’s face it, couples counseling is a scary thought for most people…this is completely understandable as there is a lot at stake. However, while scary, couples counseling is an investment in your relationship that can lead to growth and freedom from burdens that currently weigh you down.

Some of the issues that couples come to counseling for are:

  • Emotional issues such as depression and anxiety
  • Marriage preparation
  • Blended or stepfamily issues
  • Infertility
  • Infidelity
  • Managing conflict during divorce
  • Life transitions

I have completed training in Level 1 and 2 Gottman Methods Couples Therapy. This approach focuses on emotional intelligence, building conflict management skills, improving friendship skills, and creating shared meaning within the relationship. Bottom line, my goal is to help couples create a functional and healthy relationship in which they can grow and thrive.

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